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A gift from Danny
A Gift From Danny
a Doom Patrol fanfic
"What about jewellery?"
"There are no jewellery stores open now!"
The man stretched out his hands in exasperation. "Let's just buy that box of chocolates! We need to be at Carol's place in an hour!"
"I'm not giving my sister a box of chocolates for her birthday! She'd never let me hear the end of it!"
The man sighed and walked along the street. It was starting to get empty.
"Mabel! Look at that!" He tugged his wife's arm and pointed to a side street, with a row of inviting little shops.
"What, George?" She turned her head. "I've never seen that street before. They must have rebuilt the city since the last time we went out."
George sighed and kept shut.
"Let's look at it", Mabel said and turned towards the street. "Most of the shops are probably closed now, but if we're lucky..."
George glanced at the sign. 'Danny St'. When did they start using people's first names for streets?
Mabel went up to the first store on the street and peered up at the sig
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Numli's wards
It is said that Numli, an avatar of the goddess Deran, who guarded the deep forests of the giant continent of Alash, once found and cared for a race of small furry creatures, that built their nests in the branches of the tall trees. Over time, Numli saw their numbers slowly dwindling. There were birds who liked the same fruits as them, and burrowers who digged for the same roots as them, and the little furry creatures could not compete. As the other animals became more numerous, the furry creatures were slowly being pushed back. There were also wolf-like creatures with sharp teeth and claws who took every chance to devour them when they ventured down onto the ground, and other creatures, larger than themselves, who climbed the trees and ruined their nests.
So Numli appeared to them and sang, and they listened to her voice, because no creatures in the forest were afraid of her. And with her singing, she led a number of them up into the hills, to a city abandoned a long time ago by a for
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Ages of Life
Since the very first dawn, the earth was covered with living things of all shapes and sizes. Even if one race died, another would soon take its place, and barely a corner of the Great House was empty. From the deepest layers of the sea, to the highest reaches of the sky, its creatures flew and swam and crawled and swarmed and burrowed.
There were insects smaller than a speck of dust, and trees so huge they shaded mountains. There were creatures that were as numerous as flies, and those which consisted of one single being in each generation. There were species who had to live their lives and bear children within a few hours of a day, and those who walked the earth for ages, watching other races come and go.
All of them ate and slept and loved and died, all in their own manner. As well as the trees that were content with digging their roots into the dirt and basking in the sun, there were races that waged wars and formed kingdoms. As well as beings who only thought of food and procreatio
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The scarred Earth
The Earth lay pristine, a gleaming pearl among the diamonds and rubies that were the stars. Seas covered every inch of its surface, and land was nowhere to be seen. This was the time when Leskin, the earth-shatterer, was conceived, hidden deep inside the Earth-mother's womb, placed there by the passionate touch of Lukine.
Leskin had inherited the violent nature of Lukine. He kicked inside the womb, and a huge scar appeared on the Earth-mother, which the seas could not cover. This was the first land. He rocked inside Oris, and deprived of balance, the earth-mother started spinning, so the light of the sun danced across her face. And with each kick, the land broke into smaller pieces, drifting across the seas.
Alfima saw this, and certain that Oris would die if Leskin broke out of her womb, she sent Bashuba the heavy to guard her. Bashuba embraced the earth-mother, and in his tight grip, nothing could shatter her. Her movements became slow and steady, and Leskin's violent rockings became
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The Earth-mother
Oris was radiating with beauty, and thousands upon thousands of lesser gods were drawn to her, and so fertile was she, that a mere touch was enough for her to bear children. Ingol, the god of water, was with her, and all the seas and lakes and rivers were born. With Nufir, the stone god, she had the mountains and rocks and bedrocks of the world. With Anamte, the goddess of wind, she had the gusts and storms and breezes that make up the air. And in this way, all the elements that cover her were created, and this made her shine even more.
But as stunningly beautiful as Oris was, still greater blessings would be bestowed upon her. She was visited again by Alfima, and enveloped in her breath, all the elements that covered her spawned living creatures: the fishes of the sea, the insects of the air, the plants on the ground, and everything else that lives on her.
But other, darker, gods were drawn to her just as well. Ferel, the god of oblivion, approached her, but was kept at bay by the pow
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The void
In the beginning, there was only chaos. But out of the chaos rose the first god, the nameless one. It was mute, deaf and blind, without hands or face or feet, so the only way it could create was out of its own body.
So the nameless god let its own body break apart, and out of the parts grew other gods. There was Ipir, the god of rest, Esus, the goddess of movement, and Ferel, the god of oblivion. There was Suma, the goddess of heat, Benal, the god of separation, Denul, the goddess of decay, and many others, too numerous to mention.
And the gods spawned other gods, like Alfima, the goddess of growth, Madid, the god of desire, Anil, the god of fear, and Aruk, the goddess of hope. And all the gods spawned spirits and demons and elementals, who ate away at the chaos until there was a great void.
And within that void, Alfima copulated with thousands of other gods to create a multitude of children that spread over it, and one of them was Oris, the Earth-mother.
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The veil
Far beyond our world, the gods live, eternal, unchangeable. Forever, Alfima holds the chalice of life, pouring it into each child conceived, each seed that sprouts, each star that ignites. Forever, Geleg raises his hand to pluck each soul when it is ripe, and passes it to Ferel, who grants oblivion.
The earth we walk is just an echo, a shadow on a veil. Everything on earth has a beginning, and so must also have an end; but beyond the veil, the fire burns eternally, and its shadows are the tapestry of life. They seem to flicker, to grow and shrink as time goes by, but it is only our eyes that move. With wisdom, we learn to see the shapes, the forms that hide behind the veil.
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The first tilling
It is said that in the Urundi valley, a river used to flow from the high plains of Salma. Here lived a tribe who called themselves the People, and they were proud of their skill and lived on what the waters provided. But times changed, as they always do, and the river waters became muddy, and there was less and less fish every year.
The People started starving. They could eat the berries that grew along the hillsides, and in places grew what they called clamfruit plants, because the shape of its fruit vaguely resembled clams. And every now and then, someone managed to spear a small animal they could eat. But it wasn't enough.
The People didn't know what to do. They had always lived in the valley, as far as they knew, and had never seen any other place. Up and down the river there were only huge plains, and crossing the hills only revealed more and more hills.
So each village along the valley sent their wisest men to hold council. During the night, one of them had a dream: he was walkin
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Inception - alternative ending
The top went on spinning. For a moment, it seemed to wobble. Then a hand snatched it from the table.
In the garden, Dom Cobb watched his children play. He had a smile on his face, and tears in his eyes. Then he felt a presence behind him. He slowly turned around.
"Ariadne. What are you doing here?" he said.
She slowly raised the gun in her hands. "I need you to understand why I am doing this."
"Why...? Who...? Did Cobol Engineering set you up for this?"
"No, Dom."
"Were you supposed to make the mission fail?"
"No, Dom, I wanted it to succeed."
"Were you their agent all the time?"
"No, Dom. I set up Cobol Engineering."
"... why? Who are you, Ariadne?"
She was silent for a moment. Her face was not that of a cold-blooded assassin. It was troubled and full of regret.
"What were you trying to do?" Cobb said.
"Inception. I needed to plant an idea in your mind."
"in... me? What idea?"
"Do you remember what you said to your wife in Limbo?"
He nodded almost unnoticeably. "But I'm free of her no
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The first dragons
In the early ages, the Earth was covered with water, and only scattered islands peeked above the waves. This was before the sky was raised as a shield above the Earth-mother, when she lay naked before the cosmos, visited by sunwurms and elementals.
The sunwurms did not like the water, and so they rested upon the tiny strips of land, scorching them until the rock melted into glass. And the ice elementals rested upon the rock until it was as brittle as frost and crumbled.
Ranil, who cared for the islands, was not satisfied with seeing them used as a resting place for giant rock creatures, or drenched in the hailstorms of ice beasts. So he took scraps of rock left by an elemental, and shaped them into an egg, and into the egg he drew the shape of a serpent with wings.
When all life was created, Alfima had breathed onto the earth, and living creatures had sprung forth from the ground and the air and the water. In places, remains of her breath still lingered, and Ranil went to one of these.
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The Chimera's Nest
The sun shone over the jungle-clad valley, where the green, muddy waters of the river Ganas slowly made their way between the hills. The trees were gently rustling, frogs croaking in their shade, but in the distance, the whisper of wind grew closer. It became stronger and stronger, until a shadow was cast over the valley, and descended until it blotted out the sun. With a soft thud, a huge shape landed on a hillside.
Its serpentine body moved through the trees like it was swimming through water, its hues blending perfectly with leaves and foliage. Each of its four paws was dark green and soft like moss, and its claws were covered with small hooks which could sting like nettles. Along its back were folded wings with patches of white, yellow and scarlet, and all over its body were scales reminiscent of leaves.
The creature moved carefully through the valley, collecting trees and vines and leaves. With skill and spells, it weaved them into a nest, the shape of an egg, so thick it held its
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Antonia's Secret
You who read this, know that I, Ignomus Selmo, Royal Physician in service of Antonia Bayle and the late Antonius Bayle, told these words on my death bed. As I will soon be beyond the reach of both the Magistrate and any would-be assassin, I've decided to reveal all about the terrible secret which cuts to the very core of our fair city of Qeynos.
For many years, I was the personal physician of our wise and beloved king, Antonius Bayle, but eventually, the time came when neither I, nor the Prime Healer, could help him any more. As Antonius passed away, the crown passed to his young daughter, Antonia.
Princess Antonia, despite being an accomplished speaker and having a good sense of politics, had always been one to love the taste of the midnight wine. She was always attending this or that party, or throwing her own at the Royal Palace, and large quantities of food and drink were always consumed. Many a night I watched the Princess come home, escorted by a royal guard, in a sorely inebriat
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Also put up a picture of myself.

No, I'm not that serious, it was just the only "cool" picture I had.


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